• CaseComposers donates to the Wounded Warrior Project

    During the holidays one of our guys were browsing the /r/trees subreddit on Reddit and had a brilliant idea – marijuana themed phone cases!

    In light of the idea we acted fast and created a rad design that included the ongoing theme of pineapples with the choice of some unique backgrounds, all for an extremely fitting price of $14.20. Unfortunately the initial post featuring these cases was quickly removed due to infringing the subreddit’s zero-advertising policy (lame) but money raised is still money raised!

    Here at CaseComposers we’re all about giving back and supporting; the world’s a much nicer place that way! The total of $150 was then later donated directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. The charity aids Veterans and service members who have incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. This is achieved by using all donations received to finance combat stress recovery, physical health and wellness, employment and education, long-term support, benefits and peer engagement opportunities.

    Despite the money raised not being the most in history, we’re still ecstatic about helping a seriously good cause. If you’re still interested however, you can get yours by clicking here (if you’re reading this a good while after this post was written there’s a chance the link might be broken – we’ve since ended the campaign). If you hate our guts then alternatively you can donate directly here.

    A big thanks to our all legendary customers and followers.



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    Our Story Starts Here

    It was a Friday night of December 2013 when I was searching online for a case which I could personalize to compliment my newly purchased iPhone 5. After browsing the most popular case websites, I found that the tools which they used for their customization option were extremely tedious and far too complex. I was also shocked to find that the customised case would cost $60 excluding shipping. Being your average teenager, I didn’t have $60 to spend on an iPhone case, especially considering I was earning $9 an hour at my local McDonald’s.

    After the disappointment, I decided to spend my entire Christmas holidays designing CaseComposers. Ultimately, my goal was to offer people (and businesses!) of all demographics around the world the chance to enjoy their own, personalised case at an affordable price.

    OUR VISION is very small at this point, but I have a vision that it has the potential to become a trusted and well-known brand. Unquestionably, many people will doubt that a business that sells device cases will have an impact that disrupts the norm, but I believe, through particular charity campaigns that will support worthy causes, we can do just this. Regular cases are boring, so why not compose your own?